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Welcome to Universal Faithists of Kosmon for the study of the oahspe bible

Welcome to Universal Faithists of Kosmon for the study of the oahspe bible


Faithist Fellowship

About Faithist's

What is a Faithist

We have Faith in the "All Person" the collective wisdom that is without gender.
As Faithists we live by and follow these guidelines inspired by the OAHSPE Bible and the work of John Newbrough

  •  to help us do good works in the Creator's name.
  • Respect others opinions with understanding and openness as long as there opinions do not diminish the dignity or freewill of anyone.
  • Be willing to accept differences from others with no bias.
  • · Treat others and ourselves with love and forgiveness.
  • · Be kind through our actions and whole-being. 
  •  Be able to give others the freedom we all deserve. It is easy to demand freewill, but it is difficult to GIVE other freewill.
  • Be able to admit our mistakes and take responsibility for our actions.

With these guidelines in mind it is easier to understand that the foundation of Faithism is the study and pursuit of Amaranth and Aheba.

Amaranth:Divine Forgiveness
Aheba: Unconditional Love

For Faithists the cultivation of Amaranth and Ahebe are essential lessons on the path for soul growth. 

Many Faithists adhere to a vegetarian or vegan diet to reduce suffering. But being vegan/vegetation DOSE NOT give any one supremacy.  


 UFK was the outgrowth of a newsletter called Faithist Forum started in 1954 by Will Crosby of Prescott, Arizona.  

When Will's health began to fail, he searched among the subscribers to the Faithist Forum, and asked a Faithist group in Sacramento, California, to continue publishing the newsletter. The California group agreed to take up the work and  unanimously incorporated in California as Universal Faithists of Kosmon. The Newsletter name was changed to Kosmon Voice. Over the years UFK has expanded and incorporated in Utah, Colorado, and Ohio.


UFK has 25 aches of group held land in Ca,. Our archives dedacatede to preserving our history.  

UFK has Maintained Archives dating back to 1870 so future generations have access the history of our unique minority religion. The Archive include but are not limited to material from: Kosmon Church of England (1901-present), the history of Shalam Colony of New Mexico (1885-1905), Faithist Brotherhood of Light of California (1901-1935), The Essenes of Kosmon (1935-1972), Eloists of Massachusetts (1909-present), and Four Winds Georgia/Faithist Archives East (1971- 2018). 

The Archives are also home to many religious books and newsletters that were donated by the Authors or publishers;  Justin Titus, Sister. Cora Nichols Bennett, Erma Jean Lee, Rev. Steven York, Dr. Susan Martinez, Hugh Rose, Harry Hilton, Greta James, Archie Frost, Frank and George Morley, to list only a few. We are working to preserve the works of theis Faithists Scholars. Much of this donated literature is free upon request. 

We are interested in making the Archives available to the public, offering retreats to allow those who are studying to come to the Inyokern Retreat Center, where they can meet, study and have spiritual community with other Faithists. We look forward to retreats happening as often as twice a year, coinciding with one of our religious holidays.

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